In the years 1951 to 1974 the “working congresses” were without a general theme. Superordinate points of view were thematized in the “Festrede” (Opening Speech).

2018 Budapest / Hungary
International and National Developments related to Migration

Joint International Conference of Provincia de Lecce, Assessorato alle Politiche Sociali and AWR

2016 Vienna / Austria
Managed Immigration of Refugees. Learning from Each Other
Steering Refugee Immigration – Learning from Others.

2014 Poznan / Poland
East-West Migration in Europe

2012 Freising / Germany
The State of the European Asylum Directives: Implementation, Difficulties and Need for Improvement in View of Current Challenges in the Areas of Flight and Migration

2011 Leiden / Netherlands
Integration and Identity

2010 Berlin / Germany
Immigration as a challenge for the welfare state

2009 Sibiu / Romania
Migration and Minorities in View of the EU Enlargement to the East

2008 Roma / Italy
The Contribution of Refugees and Immigrants to the Construction of a European and Mediterranean Cultural Community

2007 Vilnius / Lithuania
Migration, Asylum and Minorities. European and National Perspectives in the “New” Europe

2006 Poznan / Poland
Migration and EU Enlargement to the East: Stocktaking and Developments

2005 Ljubljana / Slovenia
Ethnic Cleansing in Europe and Repatriation after Flight and Expulsion

2004 Lucerne / Switzerland
Secure Borders and Secure Standards for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants

2003 Vienna / Austria
Europeanization of the Law on Foreigners and Asylum? The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union: Implications for Migration and Asylum and the Labor Market

2002 Würzburg / Germany
Asylum and Integration with Special Emphasis on the Integration of Recognized Refugee Families
Pre-conference Preceding the Congress: International Conference of the Youth Committee of WAR
Persecution: Agents and Victims. Protection from Non-state and Gender-based Persecution in International and National Law.

2001 Roma / Italy
Refugees and Immigrants. Today and Tomorrow

2000 Vaduz / Liechtenstein
50 years of Refugee Research – International, European and National Aspects

1999 Banz-Staffelstein Monastery / Germany
Europeanization of Refugee aw

1998 Gorizia / Italy
Refugees from and in the Balkan Countries

1997 Poznan / Poland
Political Transformation: Flight and Migration – German-Polish Perspectives /European Dimensions / International Implications

1996 Salzburg / Austria
Asylum and Human Rights

1995 San Marino / Italy
Refugees in the Countries of Origin and Reception – on the Special Situation of Children and Women

1994 Orvieto / Italy
Refugees and Immigrants

1993 Travemünde / Germany
Minorities and Ethnic Rights as an Instrument to Avoid New Refugee Flows

1992 Budapest / Hungary
Refugee Migrations in the “New” Europe

1991 Ancona / Italy
40 Years after the Geneva Refugee Convention – Questions and Answers at the End of the 20th Century

1990 Strasbourg / France
History, Development and Future of Refugee Research

1989 Salzburg / Austria
The de Facto Refugees

1988 Augsburg / Germany
Refugees and Human Rights

1987 Trieste / Italy
The Contribution of Refugees to the Development of Host Countries

1986 Strasbourg / France
Refugees and Europe

1985 Urbino / Italy
Refugee Issues of the Third World – Refugees and Migrant Workers in Countries of Origin and Host Countries

1984 Bonn / Germany
Xenophobia with Special Emphasis on the Problems of Social, Cultural and Economic Integration

1983 Igls / Austria
The Identity and Personality of the Refugee and Migrant Worker

1982 Grado / Italy
Refugees and Migrant Workers on the Move

1981 Feldkirch / Austria
Thirty Years of the Geneva Refugee Convention

1980 Arc-et-Senans / France
Problems of Integration of Refugees in the Host Country; Facts and Prejudices

1979 Regensburg / Germany
The Young Generation of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Migrant Workers

1978 Aosta / Italy
The Limits of Asylum

1977 Interlaken / Switzerland
World Refugee Issues 1977

1976 San Marino / Italy
Solidarity as a Community Task in the Field of Refugee Movements and Mass Migrations

1975 Rabat / Malta
25 Years of Refugee Research

1974 Luxembourg /Luxembourg

1973 Berlin / Germany

1972 Genève / Switzerland

1971 Kreuzen – Vienna / Austria

1970 Nice / France

1969 Udine – Venecia / Italy

1968 Zurich / Switzerland

1967 Istanbul / Turkey

1966 Feldkirch / Austria

1965 Strasbourg / France

1964 Saint-Cergue / Switzerland

1963 Trieste – Roma / Italy

1962 Vaduz / Liechtenstein

1961 Saloniki – Athens / Greece

1960 Weggis / Switzerland

1959 Berlin / Germany

1958 Baden near Vienna / Austria

1957 Arnhem / Netherlands

1956 Vaduz / Liechtenstein

1955 Helsinki / Finland

1954 Istanbul / Turkey

1953 Strasbourg / France

1952 Munich / Germany

1951 Hanover / Germany

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