Selected projects

A look at selected AWR projects over the past several years.

In the sociological long-term study ” Deutsche Spätaussiedler – Erfolge bei der Integration”, a representative sample of all late repatriates arriving in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1976 was recorded. The aim of the study was to gain insights into the individual fate of ethnic German repatriates in the past, present and future and to monitor the social integration process of these individuals who come from other social systems and from heterogeneous groups. It was financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. As part of the study, the “AWR Arbeitsstelle für Aussiedlerfragen” was founded at the Bundesausgleichsamt Bad Homburg.


In 1986, a working committee of the AWR was commissioned to prepare a draft of a European Refugee Convention and to create a legal framework at the national level. The working paper “Feldkirch Principles for a European Refugee Law” was submitted to national governments and institutions, in particular also to relevant bodies of the Council of Europe, and was presented by the responsible “Commission des migrations des réfugiés et de la démographie” to the Parliamentary Assembly for discussion in 1989.


In 2002, the AWR conducted a study co-financed by the European Refugee Fund, “Asylum and Integration in Member States of the EU. Integration of Recognized Refugee Families as Defined by the Geneva Convention Considering their Status with the Respect to the Law of Residence” in various countries of the European Union and developed recommendations for better integration.


AWR devoted a comparative law study on unaccompanied minors, “Unaccompanied Minors in International, European and National Law,” published in 2016. In 2018, this was followed by another comparative law study on family reunification entitled “Family Reunification – International, European and National Perspectives.”

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