The series was published from 1954 to 2002 under the name “Treatises on Refugee Problems” by Wilhelm Braumüller Universitäts-Verlagsbuchhandlung Wien and comprises 23 volumes. The volumes are out of print.

Since 2003 it has been continued under the title “Treatises on Migration and Refugee Problems” by Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin. So far, 7 titles have been published. The volumes are published in German or English.

Volume 1 contains the comparative law study by the AWR Youth and Students Group on “Agents and Victims. Non-Governmental and Gender-Related Persecution in International and National Law” (2004, ed. by Ralf Roßkopf).

Volume 3 of the series is a study co-financed by the European Refugee Fund entitled “Asylum and Integration in Member States of the EU. Integration of Recognized Refugee Families as Defined by the Geneva Convention Considering their Status with the Respect to the Law of Residence” (2003, ed. by Michael Wollenschläger).

The most recent volume covers “Family Reunification: International, European and National Perspectives” in a comparative legal study. Conclusions are drawn for necessary amendments regarding the law, its implementation and politics (2018, ed. by Réka Friedery, Luigino Manca and Ralf Roßkopf).

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