AWR Bulletin Vierteljahreschrift für Flüchtlingsfragen / Revue triestrielle des problèmes des réfugiés/

Quarterly on Refugee Problems / Rivista trimestrale sui problemi die rifugiati

The AWR Bulletin is the official publication of the Research Society.

The predecessor of the AWR Bulletin was the journal of the AER published from 1954 to 1962 under the title “Integration” (see History of the AWR, 2.1.1.), in 1963 transferred into the “AWR Bulletin”. It contains articles in German, English, Italian and French. In addition to specialist articles on migration and refugee issues, the conference papers from the now biennial conferences are also published here. Until 2003, the booklets were published by the Wilhelm-Braumüller Verlagsbuchhandlung in Vienna. Since 2004 they have been published by Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag (BWV), Berlin.

Publication has been suspended since 2012. A resumption is in preparation.

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